Welcome to the IT Department of FishCorp,  Newbie!

FishCorp Doesn't Kid Around,  Complete your tasks as fast as you can, or there will be consequences!

Thanks for joining us, we look forward to working with you.


Music/SFX: Mikey0929/NUGGet3562

Art: Loser/Nids

Programmers: Colorplease/CellularPrism6


FinuxOS [Linux].zip 50 MB
FinuxOS [Windows].zip 49 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the zip, it won't run well otherwise


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Hi, I sent you a Discord friend request to confirm your interview, but never got a reply. If you're still interested, please join my Discord server and let me know;

Bluish-Green Productions Discord Invite

Just wish the tutorial wasnt so long, hehe...

very fun, but doesnt fit in the theme (correct me if im wrong)

Aww thanks for playing!
Press "SHIFT+K+M" to skip tutorial btw!

I think it fits the theme as "Loop" because the players are forced to do another loop of the game if they lose, but we'll see how the judges think.

Thanks again for playing!